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Egyptian Restaurant ‘Kebdet El Prince’ Shut Down for Disturbing Public Roads and Sidewalks

September 4, 2022

The Utility Police Department in the Giza Security Directorate has shut down Imbaba’s famous restaurants, Kebdet El Prince, and Hawawshi El Rabea, on 3 September as part of its campaign to remove shops, cafes, and restaurants that block public roads and sidewalks.

In a statement  to Al Masry Al Youm published on Saturday, the Governor of Giza Ahmed Rashid, underscored the efforts made by the North Giza district in cooperation with the executive security forces and utility policy in implementing the intensified campaigns directed to the Talaat Harb Street in Imbaba.

He further explained that the campaigns, carried out in coordination with relevant authorities relating to healthcare, licensing departments, as well as gas and water companies, also included addressing the licenses, permits, and food security violations.

To ensure the implementation of the campaigns, governmental officials disconnected electricity and gas from the facilities.

So far, the mega-campaigns have resulted in 72 cases against restaurants and services which sprawled over public roads and sidewalks, including carts, refrigerators, ovens, grills, tables, and chairs. The following have been deposited to storages in the district for legal action.

Kebdet El Prince. Photo credit: TripAdvisor

Kebdet El-Prince, owned by Nasser El-Prince, is one of Egypt’s most visited local eateries, a cultural staple etched into the hearts of Egyptians and foreigners who have visited alike. Situated in the heart of Imbaba, Kebdet El-Prince offers a variety of Egyptian dishes, including liver, hawawshi, oriental sausages, and most notably, its one-of-a kind molokhiya.

The restaurant is known for its lively atmosphere, and is always recommended for tourists visiting Egypt for an authentic Egyptian dining experience.

Although many Egyptians are startled and upset by its shutdown, others support its closure, arguing that it has disturbed traffic as it blocked the public road.

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