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4 Times Egyptian Television Represented Mental Health on Screen

October 23, 2022

  Conversations surrounding mental health have been gradually increasing in recent years, with more platforms, campaigns, and even film and television working to de-stigmatize mental illness in the Arab world. World Mental Health day comes annually on 10 October to raise awareness about mental health issues and mobilize efforts in support of mental health. A nation-wide survey in 2018 by MoHP found that 25 percent of Egyptians suffer from mental-health related problems, and Egypt has gradually been increasing its efforts towards understanding and tackling mental health. In March, it launched its first free mental health and addiction treatment digital service. From depression to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, here are four Egyptian television shows that represent mental health in different narratives, aiming to create an open space in Egypt for honest and informed conversations on mental health. Khali Ballak Men Zizi – 2021   Khali Ballak Men Zizi (Take Care of Zizi) stood out as a notable exception to the overly exaggerated and highly unrealistic Ramadan TV shows. Khali Bllak Men Zizi, a dramedy helmed by director Karim El Shenaawy and writer Mariam Naoum, sheds light on important issues, including mental…

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