How Does Egypt’s Travel Insurance Protect Egyptians Traveling Abroad?

How Does Egypt’s Travel Insurance Protect Egyptians Traveling Abroad?

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Although there are no more COVID-19 PCR tests required for traveling abroad, there are still other requirements that Egyptians need to be mindful of when deciding to leave the country.

In August 2021, the Egyptian government introduced an Egyptian International Travel Insurance, popularly known as Aman (Safety), to protect and provide assistance to Egyptians traveling abroad. Under the supervision of the Egyptian Pool for Travel Insurance, the insurance document is issued with every new or renewed Egyptian passport.

Whether the traveler is harmed or injured in an accident while on their trip, or suffering any kind of medical emergency, the document covers medical expenses and hospital fees up to 30,000 Euros or the equivalent in other currencies. The traveler is only expected to pay the first 100 Euros or the equivalent to that sum.

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Additionally, Aman covers the emergency need for return to Egypt due to sudden illnesses, as well as the expenses of repatriating Egyptians who pass away while traveling abroad, to lay them to rest in Egypt.

The international travel insurance document, which can be used within 90 days from the person’s travel date, is issued on passports of citizens aged one month old to 85 years old. The insurance is mandatory when renewing an Egyptian passport, and is also requested by some embassies in visa applications.

To get the insurance, Egyptians can head to their nearest immigration unit and pay a fee of EGP 300 (USD 12). After this, travelers can download the Aman Wallet mobile application to enable them to request medical assistance during their trip.

Available on iOS and Google Play, the app allows users to have access to relevant information and reach out to insurance representatives abroad. It also has multiple hotlines and

The document is valid until the passport expires.

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