Egypt Announces New Metro Ticket Pricing Scheme

Egypt Announces New Metro Ticket Pricing Scheme

Cairo Metro Photo credit: Railway Technology

Egypt’ Ministry of Transportation announced on Tuesday, 21 February that metro ticket prices for travel through more than 25 stations in one trip will increase from EGP 10 (USD 0.33) to EGP 12 (0.39) while other tickets will remain unchanged.

An example of travel through more than 25 stations in one trip is from Helwan Metro Station to Ghamra station, which includes 23 stops from Helwan station to El Demerdash station then two stops from Al Demerdash to Ghamra.

Currently, metro ticket prices are set at EGP 5 (USD 0.16) for travel through nine stations, EGP 7 (USD 0.23) for travel through 16 stations, and EGP 10 (USD 0.33) for travel through more than 17 stations.

During a press conference, Minister of Transportation Kamel El-Wazir explained that this increase is followed by the opening of new metro lines, such as the stations of the third metro line which is said to reach Imbaba, Rod El-Farag, and the Ring Road. The Minister did not specify a date for the implementation of the new tier.

El-Wazir also discussed transportation means with the New Administrative Capital (NAC) as well as plans to provide transportation for government employees at NAC. According to government places, over 30,000 state employees are set to be relocated to NAC by March.

The Minister also stated that tickets for the Light Rail Transit (LRT) are likely to increase as well. In June 2022, the the National Authority for Tunnels (NAT) announced the tickets for the LRT, which stood as EGP 15 (USD 0.49) for three stops, EGP 20 (USD 0.65) for six stops, EGP 25 (USD 0.85) for nine stops, and EGP 35 (USD 1.14) for 12 stops. The LRT—first of its kind in Egypt—is a more modern form of the tram, but faster, lighter, and more eco-friendly in its use of electricity rather than fuel.

In August 2020, metro tickets saw a surge in prices, where nine stops stood at EGP 5 (USD 0.16) for more than seven stations, EGP 7 (USD 0.23) for nine to 15 stops, and EGP 10 (USD 0.33) for those traveling 16 stops or more.

The government implemented the pricing system that is based on the length of each commute in 2018.

Despite the increase in metro ticket fares in the last few years, Egyptians continue to depend on the metro as one of the more affordable transportation modes.

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