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Grand Egyptian Museum Announces ‘Limited’ Guided Public Tours

Grand Egyptian Museum Announces ‘Limited’ Guided Public Tours

Egypt’s highly anticipated Grand Egyptian Museum is allowing visitors to book limited guided tours through its official website, effective as of 22 February.

Tickets range from EGP 150 (approximately USD 5) to EGP 75 (USD 2.45) for youth up until the age of 21, seniors and students. Meanwhile, tickets for foreigners vary in pricing and range from: EGP 1000 (approximately USD 33) for adults and EGP 500 (USD 16) for all other groups.

Visitors are given the choice between four timed slots, within the official opening times of the museum, from 9 AM to 6 PM.

The guided tours provide access to the Atrium (Grand Hall) where the colossal statue of Ramses II stands, the Conference Center, the Commercial area where a number of cafes and restaurants are located, as well as the exterior gardens.

Recently, local businesses such as Beanos, Zooba, 30 North, as well as a few non-food related businesses such as Kahhal Looms Hand-Made Rug, have opened their doors at the museum’s Commercial area.

“All other interior spaces, including access to the galleries and collections, are restricted until the official opening,” reads the website description.

Although the museum, set to be the largest archaeological museum worldwide and the future home of Tutankhamun’s entire collection, has yet to be ‘inaugurated’, the last few months have seen increased activity and public engagement with the institution. It is currently considered to be in its testing phase, ahead of its official opening.

In December, famed fashion house Dior was granted exclusive access to showcase the Dior Tears Capsule collection, which was guest designed in collaboration with Denim Tears’ creative director Tremaine Emory. Two months later, Art Cairo held its fourth edition in the museum’s temporary exhibition hall.

The Grand Egyptian Museum has been a much-anticipated and costly national project, taking over a decade of construction and finalization. Egyptian officials have often claimed that the museum is reaching its final stages, with hopes that the institution will increase inbound tourism to the country.

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