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The Government Does Not Interfere With Egyptian Expats’ Salaries or Remittances: Emigration Minister

March 7, 2023
Egyptian Minister of Emigration and Expatriate Affairs Soha Gendy Photo credit: Egyptian Gazette

Egyptian Minister of Emigration and Expatriate Affairs Soha Gendy stated on Tuesday, 7 March that the Egyptian government does not intend to tax the salaries or remittances of Egyptians working abroad. “The government does not interfere with the salaries of Egyptians abroad, and their remittances are up to them,” the statement, published on the Ministry’s official Facebook page, reads. The statement further clarifies that the government could not possibly access the salaries or personal bank accounts of Egyptians, whether in Egypt or abroad. This comes in response to local news outlets reporting a statement allegedly made by the Egyptian Senate’s deputy speaker Bahaa Eldin Abu Shoqqa, asking Egyptian expats to “return the favor to the country that raised and taught them”. According to local media, Abu Shoqqa demanded allocating a percentage of the salaries of Egyptian expats for the state. In a phone interview with Egyptian TV host Amr Adib, Abu Shoqqa denied the statements attributed to him, explaining that he only called for legal measures to protect Egyptian expats and their money through regulated procedures as they are part of the country’s “national wealth”. There are nearly 12 million…

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