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Social Media Reacts: On International Women’s Day, Anghami Removed All Music by Women

March 11, 2023

Silencing women on International Women’s Day? Certainly a novel idea.

Music streaming platform ‘Anghami’ attempted to launch a slightly different social media campaign on International Women’s Day (IWD), 8 March, but it did not have the effect they seemed to have hoped for.

The streaming platform silenced, muted, and removed all women artists in an attempt to make users wonder what “a world without her voice” may be like.

Although the campaign was intended to highlight the importance of women and their voices— and it resonated with some with that purpose—others thought it was counterintuitive and that it contradicted the idea of IWD.

Before the day was over, Anghami made women’s music available once again, sending users a notification reading: “Missed her voice? We feel you! Drumroll please … Women’s content is officially back!”

Nevertheless, while the campaign was running, Anghami users were surprised when they were unable to find or stream any song by women artists, and they took their reactions to social media. Here is what some users had to say about this campaign.

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