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Live Vicariously Through These 6 Egyptian Content Creators Traveling the World

June 12, 2023

For every season there is a city waiting to be discovered by tourists and travelers. Recently, social media channels have seen a wide range of Egyptian content creators crossing cities and activities off their bucket-lists: daring to explore the world one city at a time.

From budget-traveling tips to unraveling the hidden terrains across Egypt and beyond, these Egyptian explorers are nothing short of inspiring. Here are six content creators to follow for insights and inspiration, from one gorgeous destination to the other.

Ahmed El-Badawy
Twenty-two year old Ahmed El Badawy is quite the adventurer. El-Badawy, who documents his journeys on Instagram and YouTube, has traveled and explored 62 countries around the world. El-Badawy intentionally shows different cultures from a unique perspective, documenting the hidden gems and the beauty of locals around the world.


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A post shared by Ahmed El Badawy (@ahmed_elbadawy)

Khadija Mansour
Solo traveler and athlete Khadija Mansour is an opportunity and adventure seeker. She is currently embarking on an expedition, hitchhiking from Egypt to South Africa , meaning that she is only traveling by rides secured free of charge from passing vehicles. In her journey, Khadiga relies on locals from around the countries along her African trail to host her.


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A post shared by Khadija Mansour – Adventure Seeker (@khadijamansourexplore)

Rahma Arafa
With a passion for traveling and empowering women around her, Rahma Arafa is taking the world by storm. Through her engaging Instagram platform and her breathtaking videos and pictures, Arafa portrays the beauty that lies in each country around the world—inspiring others to experience the joy of traveling.


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A post shared by Rahma رحالة مصرية (@rahmatraveler)

Amr Badawy
Traveler and blogger Amr Badawy decided to take his passion for traveling professionally when he opened his licensed traveling agency, Travel Sawa in 2018. Since then, Badawy—-who has explored over 68 countries around the world—has been documenting his travels and highlighting the must see places around the globe.


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A post shared by Amr Badawy عمرو بدوي (@amrbadawy_)

Amr Agizy
From offering tips on how to get visas for countries to highlighting the cultures of countries around the world, Amr Agizy’s platform offers more than beautiful content of videos and pictures, he provides information on historical areas—a platform both beneficial and fun.

Karim Abdel Hady
With over 10 years of experience in travel, Karim Abdel Hady is a tour guide and passionate traveler. He is the founder of two agencies, Tourisma and Tranzit, which specialize in bookings, tours, and adventures. Through his platform, Abdel Hady offers budget travel tips and uncovers the must-do activities in each country around the world.


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A post shared by TRAVEL TIPS 🌍 KARIM ABDEL HADY (@karimtravels)

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