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Egyptian Military Doctor Charged with Homicide for Madinaty Car Attack

July 4, 2023
Image Credit: Xinhua

The military prosecution has charged the military doctor involved in the Madinaty incident with the crimes of “intentional homicide and attempted murder”, according to a statement by Ghareeb Abdelhafiz Ghareeb (Official Military Spokesperson for the Armed Forces).

Following a dispute between the driver and the father, the military doctor in question allegedly ran over a pedestrian family of five on purpose, resulting in the death of the mother, who was a pharmacist, and severe injuries to the father and three children.

The military doctor stands accused of deliberately causing the death of a victim and engaging in actions with the intent to commit murder.

The military prosecution, in collaboration with relevant authorities, is currently investigating the incident to gather evidence.

The accused is now temporarily detained, awaiting trial. His case will be presented before the appropriate military court, where the charges of intentional homicide and attempted murder will be examined.

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