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Egypt Warns Citizens to Avoid Elevators During Power Cuts, Sparks Outrage

July 23, 2023

In light of the recent heatwave, power cuts will be implemented to alleviate pressures on the country’s electricity infrastructure, announced  the Egyptian Electricity Holding Company (EEHC) in a statement released on Saturday, 22 July. According to the statement, the power cuts will be implemented in twenty minute windows, starting ten minutes before the top of the hour and ending ten minutes after the top of the hour. For safety reasons, the EEHC requested that no one use elevators during this 20-minute span, and made it clear that any power outages wouldn’t last more than an hour. However, the statement did not specify if the power cuts would take place across all of Egypt, or whether they would be happening every day. The statement also did not clarify whether this will continue on for the rest of the summer or if it will only happen for a specific time period. Many citizens and popular media figures have expressed confusion and disappointment regarding the power cuts over the past week. “First, Egyptians were told to eat chicken feet as a cheap substitute amid soaring food prices. Now, they’re cautioned against using elevators…

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