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6 Ecotourism Destinations Where You Can Explore Egypt’s Beauty

August 17, 2023

Beyond Egypt’s iconic pyramids and ancient temples exists an undiscovered world of ecological marvels. The country has recently gained attention as an attractive destination for ecotourism owing to its increased emphasis on sustainable travel. Ecotourism represents a responsible approach to travel, specifically to natural areas, where the environment is safeguarded and local communities are supported. This form of tourism serves multiple purposes, including educating travelers, contributing funds to conserve ecosystems, promoting local economic growth, empowering communities, and fostering appreciation for diverse cultures. A world of remarkable ecotourism destinations awaits exploration in Egypt. Here are six must-visit ecological marvels that offer unique experiences for the environmentally-conscious traveler. Gabal Elba Part of the Red Sea Mountains range, Gabal Elba lies around 250 kilometers south of Marsa Alam in Egypt’s Eastern Desert, near the border with Sudan in the Red Sea governorate. At a height of almost 1,435 meters above sea level, The Gabal Elba Nature Reserve encloses an expansive area of around 35,600 square kilometers, encompassing a network of interconnected natural parks. One of its lesser-known attractions, Wadi Al-Abaq contains several valleys and natural hot springs. The area is also of great…

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