Saeedah Haque’s Game-Changing Nike Abayas Sell Out in London

Saeedah Haque’s Game-Changing Nike Abayas Sell Out in London

Photo Courtesy of: Saeedah Haque Official Instagram Account

The fashion scene in London is abuzz with excitement as the highly anticipated Nike abayas, a groundbreaking collaboration between modest streetwear brand Saeedah Haque and Nike London, made their debut and promptly sold out.

The Saeedah Haque brand, known for its avant-garde ready-to-wear collections, has redefined the traditional abaya into versatile pieces that merge modesty, sport, and urban aesthetics.

The visionary behind the label, Saeedah Haque, a self-taught designer, brought her talent to the global stage with her debut runway presentation in partnership with VFiles New York for SS21. Complementing this was a visual campaign that celebrated Muslim women in sports and urban exploration.

Photo Courtesy of: Saeedah Haque Official Website

Her creative endeavors and commitment to reshaping the portrayal of Muslim identity through her designs have earned her recognition in publications such as American Vogue, Vogue Arabia, Grazia, Complex, and Dazed.

From Dream to Reality

The collaboration with Nike London marks a significant milestone in Haque’s career and is a dream realized for both Haque and the broader community.

“If you’ve been following my journey here, you’ll know I pitched my hoodie abaya to them [–Nike–] before launching my own brand,” Haque shared in an Instagram reel announcing the collaboration with Nike London.

“This is a dream come true and something our community has needed for so long. I hope this opens the door for more representation in the space of sport,” Haque expressed.

A Glimpse Ahead

Currently, the exclusive Nike abayas can be found at the Nike Town store in London. Haque has revealed plans for an upcoming launch in Paris in response to the recent abaya ban in French schools, naturally leading to speculation about potential plans for international expansion.

This effort to push boundaries and redefine the intersections of fashion, culture, and identity has the potential to stimulate transformations even within Egypt’s fashion scene, potentially prompting brands to embrace and integrate more options for modest sportswear.

Just as the Nike Burkini triggered the emergence of various local burkini brands, this collection of Nike’s modest sportswear could spark a parallel surge in local brands specializing in modest activewear.

Attiva, an Egyptian local brand founded in 2021, has already carved a niche in the world of modest sportswear. Yet, the paradox is evident: international recognition and representation from major brands like Nike have an overproportional power to normalize and embrace specific non-mainstream styles.

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