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Six Injured in “Drone Crash” Near Hospital in Egypt’s Taba

October 27, 2023
A car was hit by the missile in Taba. Photo: Al-Qahera news facebook page

A drone crash-landed near a hospital in the Egyptian Red Sea city of Taba, injuring six people, as confirmed by the official spokesperson for the Egyptian Armed Forces, Gharieb Abdelhafez, in a statement published early on Friday, 27 October.

The six individuals who received minor injuries were promptly discharged from the hospital after receiving the necessary medical care. A specialized committee from the relevant authorities is currently investigating the matter.

According to IDF Spokesman Daniel Hagari, the attack in the Egyptian Red Sea town of Taba appears to have originated from “the Red Sea area.”

“In the last few hours, an aerial threat was detected in the Red Sea area. Fighter jets were scrambled to the threat area, and the issue is under investigation,” Hagari said.

“To our understanding, the impact that occurred in Egypt originates from this threat.”

Israel will work with Egypt and the US to “tighten the defense against threats from the Red Sea area,” Hagari added.

An informed source speaking to Al Qahera news channel mentioned that once the missile launch site is identified, a range of options will be considered, highlighting that Egypt maintains the right to respond when the appropriate moment arises.

On 22 October, several Egyptian border guards sustained injuries when they were unintentionally hit by fragments from a shell fired from an Israeli tank. Israel issued an apology for this incident.

The ongoing conflict has indirectly drawn neighboring nations like Lebanon and Syria into its complex web of events.

The Conflict So Far

After a surprise attack conducted on 7 October by Hamas on a number of southern Israeli towns which resulted in the deaths of an estimated 1,405 people and more than 220 being taken hostage by Hamas, Israel launched a retaliatory bombing campaign against what it describes as ‘terrorist targets’ in the Gaza Strip.

So far, more than 7,028 Palestinians have been killed in the Gaza Strip — including 2,913 children — and 16,297 others injured. Meanwhile, more than 105 Palestinians have been killed in the West Bank and more than 1,900 have been injured.

The priority of the Egyptian government since the beginning of the conflict has been deescalation and the securing of a path for aid to enter the Gaza Strip through the Rafah crossing. Israel bombed the crossing at least four times, and three aid conveys have crossed to Gaza so far.

Most Western countries, with the United States at the forefront, have expressed unconditional support for Israel, despite the steadily rising death toll in Gaza. Meanwhile, Arab governments have called for an immediate ceasefire.


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