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Egypt’s Unified Electronic Transit Card to be Introduced in All Public Transportation

November 8, 2023
Photo credit: Egyptian Streets.

Kamel Al Wazir, the Egyptian minister of transportation, announced at the fifth edition of TransMEA, the introduction of a unified electronic card that can be used for all forms of public transportation in Egypt.

This was discussed during a session on the localization of the transportation industry in Egypt as part of the third day of the Smart Transport, Logistics, Infrastructure, and Traffic Fair Forum for the Middle East and Africa which is taking place between 5-8 November.

“Users can take the train from Aswan and reach Cairo. They can then take the third metro line or the light train from Adly Mansour Station or use the commuter bus on the ring road, or any other mode of transportation under the ministry with the same ticket,” he told attendees.

The minister pointed out that the project will allow citizens to book transportation means through their mobile phones, Fawry services, at post offices, or using any other payment method.

During his talk, Al Wazir also confirmed that the industrial localization of transportation is a matter of life or death for the Egyptian people.

“Egypt has made it clear that it will no longer import buses from abroad but will manufacture them locally in partnership with both national and international companies,” the minister stated.

Additionally, Al Wazir told the audience that the Ministry of Transportation will not contract or import new railway cars from abroad; it will, instead, produce them domestically at The Suez Canal Economic Zone, which hosts the first railway factory built in collaboration with the private sector and the sovereign fund of Egypt representing the state.

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