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Israel Raids Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza

November 15, 2023
Image Credit: Al Jazeera Live

Israeli forces initiated a targeted incursion into Gaza’s largest hospital, Al-Shifa, on the morning of 15 November, alleging it to be a cover for a Hamas command centre within a civilian refuge.

Both Israeli and Palestinian authorities confirmed the ongoing raid at the hospital, intensifying the already lethal clashes and aerial bombardments in the vicinity.

One WAFA correspondent on site reported tanks and snipers encircling the medical complex.

Reports from the ground describe a tense situation, with a doctor informing Reuters that gunfire has forced staff and patients to avoid areas with windows and open spaces.

Conditions within Al-Shifa are reported as dire, with witnesses describing medical procedures without anaesthesia, families lacking basic necessities, and the pervasive stench of decomposing bodies.

The World Health Organization’s report on the hospital’s current conditions deemed it ‘nearly a cemetery’ rather than a medical facility.

This is a developing story.

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