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Egypt’s Presidential Elections: Preliminary Results Indicate Victory for Sisi

December 13, 2023
Image Credit: State Information Service

The preliminary results of Egypt’s 2024 presidential elections suggest that the current President Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi is set for a third presidential term after leading with more than 90 percent of votes, according to numbers shared by state-owned Extra News TV on 13 December.

Hazem Omar of the People’s Republican Party and Abdel-Sanad Yamama of the Wafd Party are vying for the second spot. Farid Zahran, who represents the Social Democratic Party, currently sits in fourth position in terms of vote numbers.

Numbers: Ahram Online – Graphic by Egyptian Streets

The preliminary results reveal Al-Sisi leading by a wide margin of 898,076 votes across the Cairo, Alexandria, Gharbiya, Daqahliya, and Luxor governorates.

In comparison, second-place contenders Omar and Yamama have collected a total of 50,317 and 23,926 votes each so far.

The voting period for Egypt’s presidential elections concluded on 12 December after beginning on 10 December. Around 30 million (45 percent) of eligible voters cast their ballot by the second day.


The current Egyptian president was first sworn into office on 8 June, 2014 – but came into power as the de facto leader of the country during the 30 June Revolution in 2013.

Al-Sisi was sworn into office for a second term on 3 June, 2018 after winning the 2018 presidential election by 97 percent of votes.

Prior to 2019, Al-Sisi’s second election victory would have marked his last term in office. However, a constitutional referendum voted in by the majority of Egypt’s House of Representatives allowed the presidential term to extend from four to six years.

This meant that Al-Sisi could run for two more six-year terms – resetting his previous terms as head of state.

Election results are expected to be officially announced by the NEA on 18 December. If Al-Sisi’s victory is formally declared, it would push his presidency to 2030.

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