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Netflix Drops Season 2 Trailer for Arabic Original ‘AlRawabi School for Girls’

January 15, 2024

Streaming platform Netflix MENA released the first trailer for the newest season of its Arabic original ‘AlRawabi School for Girls’ on 15 January.

Although the release date of the second season is yet to be announced, Jordanian director Tima Shomali said that it is coming soon on Netflix.


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Released in August 2021, the series follows a group of teenage girls in Amman, Jordan, as they go through a series of challenges and triumphs, where the bullied outcasts make plans to take revenge on their tormentors.

Although watchers anticipated the new season to follow up on events of season one, from the trailer, the new season will likely feature a new cast with new plotlines.

The show, which premiered in 32 languages across 190 countries, attracted worldwide attention as it shed light on social and cultural topics that are rarely discussed in the Arab world — especially through Arabic-language entertainment — such as bullying, women’s rights, religion, and relationships.

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