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Putin to Participate in Key Event at Egypt’s Dabaa Nuclear Power Plant

January 21, 2024
Photo Source: The Hill

Russian President Vladimir Putin will be visiting Egypt to participate in a significant event at the Dabaa Nuclear Power Plant. 

Dmitry Peskov, the Kremlin spokesperson, announced that preparations are underway for Putin’s involvement in the pouring of concrete for the plant’s fourth reactor. 

The Dabaa Nuclear Power Plant, constructed by Russia in Egypt, emphasizes the highest nuclear safety standards, with its safety system including a core catcher, and a unique protection system installed at the bottom of the reactor vessel.

Egypt and Russia signed a cooperation agreement in 2015 to establish a nuclear power plant with an investment cost of USD 25 billion (EGP 770 billion). 

Amged El-Wakeel, Chairman of the Board of the Egyptian Nuclear Power Plants Authority, expressed his anticipation in early January for the implementation of the project’s milestones in 2024.

The Dabaa Nuclear Power Plant, situated on Egypt’s northern coast near the Matrouh Governorate, comprises four reactors boasting a collective capacity of 4,800 megawatts. Individually, each reactor is designed with a 1,200-megawatt capacity, and the inauguration of the initial reactor is slated for 2028. 

This expansive project, encompassing four nuclear reactors, each with a 1.2-gigawatt capacity, is anticipated to incur a total cost of USD 30 billion (EGP 924 billion). 

Commencing construction on the first and second reactors in 2022, with the foundation for the third reactor laid in May 2023, Egypt envisions the plant achieving full operational capacity by 2030.

Peskov emphasized the ongoing cooperation between Russia and Egypt, especially in advanced technologies crucial for Egypt’s development. Russia’s leadership in the global nuclear industry was also emphasized, with Peskov stating that they provide better, cheaper, and higher quality services than other market participants.

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