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Egypt Suspends Power Cuts for Ramadan

February 25, 2024

Egypt will suspend the daily power cuts during the Holy Month of Ramadan, the Egyptian cabinet announced Thursday, 22 February during their weekly meeting held in the New Administrative Capital.

The decision comes as the government seeks to alleviate the mounting pressure on the country’s gas network, which has been strained by rising temperatures and increased use of air conditioners.

The nationwide load-shedding program was initially implemented in mid-July to address the challenges posed by the surging demand for electricity. 

However, in October, the government extended the duration of the daily power cuts due to the continuous rise in temperatures and a decline in gas imports.

The Islamic holy month of Ramadan is set to begin on 11 March in Egypt and will last for 30 days, as announced by the National Research Institute of Astronomy and Geophysics (NRIAG) on Wednesday.

This move aims to prioritize the needs of citizens observing Ramadan, providing them with uninterrupted power supply during this sacred period. The suspension of power cuts during Ramadan will bring relief to individuals and families as they engage in fasting and observe religious practices. 

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