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“Ashghal Shaqa,” Shahid’s Most Viewed TV Show

March 23, 2024

Khaled and Sherine Diab’s comedic Ramadan TV series, Ashghal Shaqa, (Apartment Chronicles,) garnered so many views and attention on social media.


The series topped the list of most-watched series on Shahid, among 18 series, in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and some European countries. With the hashtag #Ashghal_Shaqa circulating on X, formerly known as Twitter, many fans are gushing over the series and expressing their fandom.

The 15-episode comedy TV Series is directed by Khalid Diab, and co-written by Diab and Sherine Diab. It stars Hesham Maged, Asmaa Galal, Sherine, Salwa Mohamed Ali, Moustafa Gharieb, Mohamed Abd El Azim, and many guest stars.

“The best thing about the series is that there are many quest stars, so the audience is always looking up to see who is coming next,” Mariam Hashem, 59, told Egyptian Streets.

Ashghal Shaqa, (Apartment Chronicles,) revolves around the adventures of Hamdy, a forensic doctor, played by Hesham Maged, and Yasmin, a journalist, played by Asmaa Galal, after they have twins and struggle to take care of their children, housekeep, and advance their careers without help.


Events force them to hire a maid for help, and they do not land the best one. Episode after episode, the series introduces new interesting characters, and guest stars, in humorous interactions.

The TV series exhibits relatable characters, problems, and storylines that anyone can encounter in daily life, with the comedic twist, it touches the hearts of the audience.

Mariam Mahdy, 27, told Egyptian News, “It’s hilarious. I haven’t seen an Egyptian comedy that good in a while. It does not rely on sensitive topics, but more on satirical situations.”


“It’s modern and exhibits the newly trendy issues people of that age face, like the mother-in-law buying golden furniture, or maid who has extreme OCD and can not co-exist with neurotypical people, and the obsession with social media,” Yasser Ahmed, 32, stated.

Ashghal Shaqa , (Apartment Chronicles,) is an adaptation, but not to the dot. It is adapted from the 1969 film, “Sabah El Kheir Ya Zawgaty Al Aziza,” written by Samy Amin and directed by Abdel Moneim Shokry. The film delves into the lives of a couple played by, Salah Zulfikar and Nelly, who struggle with taking care of their children and resort to getting help. However, the characters, storylines, and events in Ashghal Shaqa, (Apartment Chronicles,) are exclusively new.

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