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Maramzy: Capturing the Soul of Cairo Through Home Decor

March 23, 2024


A business is not built on mere bones, it is built on breath. It’s the soul, not the skeleton, that gives it life.

In today’s landscape, successful businesses are defined by more than just their products. Values are equally important. To truly differentiate themselves, companies must identify a core set of values with authenticity, transparency, and unwavering action.

This translates to aligning every decision with a deeper purpose that drives positive change in their communities. 

Maramzy exemplifies this purpose-driven approach. The brand is more than just a home decor brand; it is the product of storytellers. From crafting their products to interacting with customers, every aspect is designed with a rich narrative. The focus on storytelling transforms Maramzy from a business into an experience.

“When people feel more involved in the process, they start to value the craftsmanship a lot more, which we value very highly here at Maramzy,” Maram Nazmy, Founder, and Sara Ismail, Creative Director, tell Egyptian Streets. 

Searching for the soul 

Maram Nazmy, Founder and CEO

Businesses are not always born from a single defining or ‘light bulb’ moment. Instead, they can emerge from the awareness of the potential hidden within everyday experiences. Every encounter and every detail, can hold immense value for a business.

For some, it is a cherished family tradition or an experience that shapes them at home. For others, it can arise from the most unexpected corner — a fleeting glimpse of something ordinary that resonates on a profound level.

The soul of Maramzy, the very purpose that infuses it with life, stems from Maram Nazmy’s own story. In 2019, she discovered deep meaning in the connections she formed with the people who helped bring her deer head design to life. These friendships and collaborations became the foundation of Maramzy, and were integrated into the DNA of the business.

Scrolling online, Maram stumbled upon a deer head image that inexplicably drew her in. It resonated with her not just because of its strange allure, but she also felt a powerful urge to put her architectural skills to use and create something. This burning desire to create, independent of the end product, was the impetus for her to launch her business.

Credit: Maramzy

Delving into the alleys of downtown Cairo, Maram found someone willing to breathe life into her vision. This wasn’t just a transaction; it was the genesis of friendships and partnerships. These individuals, unknowingly, were becoming the building blocks of her business. 

The artisans are more than just storytellers at Maramzy; they are the bridge that connects consumers to a deeper understanding of consumption. They help customers see beyond a simple purchase and appreciate the human connection behind each product.

“We showcase the artisans’ stories and photos on social media and in exhibitions,” Nazmy and Ismail explain. “It’s not just about showing them behind the scenes; we want their voices to be heard. We make sure every product highlights the maker and the effort poured into it, both on our packaging and website.”

This mindful approach continues to define the business today. For Maramzy, conscious consumption is the very foundation of their business, built upon a core set of values.

Conscious consumption 

Credit: Maramzy

Maramzy’s approach to conscious consumerism can be likened to a growing tree. Just as every part of the tree relies on the others, Maramzy’s model connects customers, artisans, and the wider community. 

The seed, representing the customer’s values, nourishes the stem, symbolizing the artisans who create the products. These artisans then branch out, like leaves spreading their reach, to benefit the broader community.

“At Maramzy, conscious consumption is all about the consumer,” Nazmy and Ismail explain. “It’s about empowering them to choose products that reflect their values and ethics. We encourage customers to consider how products are made and the impact they have on the world.”

Championing ‘shared value creation,’ a philosophy woven into every aspect of the company, Maramzy’s business model caters to three distinct groups: artisans, customers, and the community.

For customers, ​​the purpose isn’t simply to sell products to them; it’s about empowering their individuality. “We offer customers a chance to align their values with their home decor, creating spaces that reflect their unique selves,” they explain. 

For artisans, Maramzy fosters a space of growth and recognition by providing opportunities to experiment, push creative boundaries, and be fairly credited for their talent. “We guide them to maximize their potential, transforming challenges into achievements they can truly celebrate.”

Empowering communities is another cornerstone of their mission. Launching later this year, the ‘Art as a Facilitator’ initiative celebrates the power of art to transform and uplift communities by bringing artistic experiences to children in underserved areas and offering opportunities that might not be available in their schools. 

For communities, Maramzy’s impact goes beyond empowerment. It fosters connection across Cairo’s diverse communities. Through several initiatives, they create a window showcasing the city’s wholeness, revealing the shared humanity that transcends the physical barriers that might seem to divide us.

Credit: Maramzy

This philosophy was brought to life during the launch event for the “Grids of Cairo” collection, where Maramzy partnered with Om Zizi, a talented housewife from Sharkia renowned for her authentic Egyptian cuisine. 

By incorporating taste alongside the visual delights of the collection, Maramzy went beyond showcasing products. They created a multi-sensory experience that directly connected guests to the essence of Cairo – its people, its food, and the city’s reflected design in the collection.

Maramzy is also empowering customers to become changemakers through their ‘Art as a Facilitator‘ initiative. Launching later this year, the program brings the arts to underserved children, unlocking their creativity and providing experiences beyond the classroom. With every purchase, customers will directly contribute to this impactful program.

Walking through the process 

Credit: Maramzy

The beauty of being part of Maramzy’s experience is gaining a window into the artistic journey, witnessing firsthand how purchases contribute to something bigger than oneself. It’s a deeper connection to the art and the artists who create it.

By peering behind the curtain, from the materials to the minds of the artists, consumers gain a deeper appreciation for each piece. Each piece transcends mere commerce and becomes imbued with deeper meaning. 

The process begins with ethical sourcing, prioritizing fair treatment of workers and a healthy environment. “When we first start working with someone, we first go to see how they treat the people they work with, if they pay their workers well,and how the environment is in general,” Nazmy and Ismail explain. 

“We involve artisans throughout the process and educate our customers about the makers behind each piece, including the time and expertise invested.”

The experience is both digital and offline. Digitally, their website features ‘ethical tags’ that explain their process in detail, and through social media, they foster a direct connection between artisans and consumers.

Taking the experience to the offline world, Maramzy brings its collections to life through immersive exhibitions. The launch of their “Grids of Cairo” collection perfectly exemplifies this approach. 

The user experience of the exhibition mirrored the collection’s essence. To evoke the city’s vibrant energy, Maram Namzy created a stunning art installation – a stack of red bricks, replicating Cairo’s skyline, bathed in the warm glow of candles to reflect the city’s minarets at sunset. 

This immersive experience allowed visitors to see Cairo through fresh eyes, exploring its hidden depths. Stepping beyond the traffic and billboards, the exhibition offered a glimpse into Cairo’s soul.

“We believe in transparency,” explain Nazmy and Ismail. “That’s why we take customers on a journey, from the initial inspiration to the final product. We share the story behind each piece, its connection to the city, and the specific elements that brought it to life.”

Driven by a soulful approach to business, it becomes evident that Maramzy isn’t just a brand, it’s a portal to the heart of Cairo. Every piece reflects the vibrant spirit and rich heritage that inspire them. It is a two-way street: Maramzy captures Cairo’s soul, and in turn, shares it with the world.


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