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Iconic Egyptian Actress Shereen Seif El-Nasr Passes Away Aged 57

April 14, 2024
Image Credit: Sherif Seif El-Nasr/Facebook

Egyptian actress Shereen Seif El-Nasr, famed for her memorable contributions to the film and television industry during the ’90s and early ’00s, has tragically passed away aged 57, her brother revealed in a Facebook post on 13 April.

El-Nasr was born in 1967 to an Egyptian father, journalist Elham Seif El-Nasr, and a Palestinian mother whose lineage dates back to the Hashemite family line in Jerusalem.

She initially pursued a law degree but began acting during her studies – culminating in her first lead role in El-Ostaz (The Teacher) in 1990.

At the start of her career, El-Nasr spent several years serving at the Egyptian Embassy in France before eventually performing her breakout cinematic role in Sawaq El-Hanem (The Lady’s Driver, 1994) alongside legendary actor Ahmed Zaki.

From then on, El-Nasr’s star would continue to rise, transforming her into one of the most iconic actors in the industry during the turn of the twentieth century.

She would spend the ‘90s accumulating multiple lead roles in both television and cinema, including Ghaadeboun wa Ghaadebaat (Angry Men and Women, 1993), Hekaayet Soha (The Story of Soha, 1994), Mann Allathy la Yohebb Fatma (Who Does Not Love Fatma, 1996), and El-Nom Fil ‘Asal (Sweet Oblivion, 1996),

The actress briefly paused her acting career after marrying in 1996 but returned to the industry in 2001 following her divorce.

During this period, El-Nasr put out one of her most notable performances in Amir El-Zalam (The Prince of Darkness, 2002). Her final role would come a few years later in the television series As’ab Qarar (The Hardest Decision, 2007). She would spend the remaining decades of her life shying away from her former fame and Egypt’s highly publicised celebrity scene.

In a follow-up statement posted on 14 April, El-Nasr’s brother expressed his family’s deep gratitude and appreciation for the plethora of heartfelt messages received in memory of the beloved actress.

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