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Israeli Missile Strikes Central Iranian City: US Reports

April 19, 2024
Credit: Vanchai Tan / Shutterstock
Credit: Vanchai Tan / Shutterstock

Following Iran’s unprecedented assault on Israel last week, Israel launched an attack on the central Iranian city of Isfahan early on Friday morning, reported US media.

According to CBS News, US officials confirmed that an Israeli missile had struck Isfahan. Three drones were destroyed by Iranian defense systems, according to Iranian media. Iranian officials, speaking to local media, said that no damage was reported and denied that an attack had taken place.

On X (formerly Twitter), Hossein Dalirian, a spokesperson for Iran’s National Centre of Cyberspace and Space Agency, denied the US claims of a direct missile attack.

Isfahan houses a significant military airbase, a missile production facility, and several nuclear sites. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has confirmed no nuclear facilities were damaged.

Both the Pentagon and Israel’s military have refused to comment on the incident and have not confirmed the Israeli attack, consistent with previous Israeli attacks abroad which tend to remain unconfirmed.

Syrian media reports that Israel also struck military sites in the south of Syria. According to SANA, “air defense sites in the southern region” were targeted, leading to “material losses”.

International Leaders Call for De-escalation

Following news of the Israeli attack, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen urged Iran, Israel, and regional allies to avoid further escalation, stressing the need for regional stability. G7 leaders are slated to discuss the explosions during their meeting in Capri, Italy.

Oman denounced the reported Israeli attack, echoing concerns over Israeli military strikes in the region. France also emphasized the need for de-escalation.

Iran had been in a state of high alert following Israel’s pledge to retaliate against the unprecedented missile and drone attack against Israel last Saturday. Tehran has labeled the attack as revenge for an alleged Israeli strike on its consulate in Syria that killed 13 people.

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