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Egypt Opens Online Application for Expats to Settle Their Military Status

May 2, 2024
Members of the Egyptian army. Photo source: AFP

The Egyptian Ministry of Emigration announced, on 18 March, the latest edition of a program allowing Egyptian men living abroad required to fulfill compulsory military service to apply for military exemption starting 1 May. The program lasts for two months. 

The initiative is now open to all male Egyptian expatriates aged 18 and older at the time of registration, including those who have exceeded the maximum conscription age of 30.

The initiative, which was first rolled out in 2023, permits eligible male expatriates to resolve their military service obligation permanently by paying a fee of USD 5,000 (EGP 239,000), upon applying for a permanent settlement of their military service status.

To register online, applicants must possess a verified confirmation certificate of their presence from an Egyptian diplomatic mission (embassy/consulate) abroad, along with payment made to specified bank accounts.

Comprehensive information regarding the registration process, eligibility criteria, and terms and conditions can be accessed on the official website of the initiative.

In Egypt, military service is compulsory for all male citizens aged between 18 and 30, lasting typically from one to three years, depending on the individual’s level of education.

According to the latest government estimates, approximately 14 million Egyptians were residing abroad in 2021.

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