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The Supreme Council for Media Regulation to Shut Down All Unlicensed Digital Platforms Within 3 Months

June 13, 2024
Karam Gabr, chairman of Egypt’s Supreme Council for Media Regulation.

On Tuesday, Karam Gabr, chairman of Egypt’s Supreme Council for Media Regulation, announced the council’s plan to shut down all unlicensed digital platforms within the next three months if they fail to regularize their status. 

This directive, initiated several months ago by the President of Egypt, aims to curb the dissemination of content that clashes with “national and religious values”, thereby safeguarding the country’s “cultural identity”, according to Gabr.

Speaking in a phone interview with Quswa Al-Khalali, Gabr explained that the council’s decision came after observing online activities that showcased a surge in content misaligned with societal norms. 

The council’s mandate includes setting guidelines to foster a conducive environment for boosting digital marketing efforts. Highlighting the immense potential of e-commerce, Gabr noted that while the global e-commerce market is valued at USD 6 trillion (EGP 286 trillion), Egypt’s share is a mere EGP 100 billion (USD 2 billion. He highlighted the necessity of regulatory measures to enhance the competitiveness of local businesses in this sector.

Gabr also highlighted that the council’s online monitoring identified four primary areas of concern: promotion of homosexuality, extremism, violence, and atheism. He cited a specific platform that generates about USD 33 million (EGP 1.5 million) annually, with half of its content advocating for homosexuality—a topic receiving political backing.

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