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The Not So Great Pyramid of Giza

December 18, 2012

Egypt has recently been embroiled in political turmoil that has threatened Egypt’s stability both economically and politically. Last weekend, feeling the need to visit several tourist sites around Cairo and see what has changed in the past two years, I decided to visit the Pyramids for the first time since the January 25 2011 Revolution.

What I saw was shocking, depressing, disappointing, and very worrying. However, for the sake of optimism, I will start with the positive aspects of my trip. Click here to skip through to my eye-opening experience at the Pyramids.

Mena House Oberoi

[Update: As of January 1st, 2013 The Oberoi Group – which had been managing Mena House since 1972 – has announced that they are no longer managing Mena House]

Any Egyptian knows that before going to the Pyramids, one has to stop by the historic Mena House Oberoi. Mena House hosted Australian troops during both World War I and World War II, the first peace settlement talks between Egypt and Israel in 1977 (which led to the Camp David Agreement), and a host of historic figures such as Winston Churchill, Richard Nixon and Jimmy Carter, Charlie Chaplain, Cecil B. DeMille and many more.

Cairo hospital 1915 Mena House Hotel, 2 Australian General Stationary Hospital (2 AGH)

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