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The Media: A Threat to Language

August 4, 2014

Public discourse is shaped by language. It is our window of access to an essential and vital discussion about politics, social concerns and the economy. That eventually shapes what we call our culture. Those who initiate the conversation have the first choice of language. And unless the public interferes, they control the discourse and shape the culture. It should not, by any means, be granted that they do control the discourse or that they have a right to. In recent months, the media discourse has constantly deteriorated to a level that is undisputedly sub-par. The news is selective – both in terms of fact as well as language – and directive: Opinionated before it fulfills its original duty of revealing the truth. Journalists have abandoned the profession altogether to become active agents of public mobilization in the name of journalism. And entertainment glorifies the darkest sides of humanity (Case in point: prank shows in Ramadan which feed on the concept of Schadenfreude). What this has led to is not just a series of diplomatic crises for the government but it has also led the nation to the threshold of public…

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