Egypt’s President Questions U.S. Support in Fox News Interview

Egypt’s President Questions U.S. Support in Fox News Interview

Egyptian President Abdel Fatah El Sisi met with Fox’s Bret Baier in an all exclusive interview to talk about the imminent threat ISIS is to the country as well as the region and the globe.

In his interview, Sisi said he required more assistance and support from the US government stating that ISIS is not the only radicalized group threatening Egypt but there are “others operating that are a direct threat to the region and the stability of all countries.”

President Abdel Fatah El Sisi also stated that the “map of terrorism and extremism is expanding and not recessing,” which is a growing threat to the country, the Arab region and the world.

 “Terrorism is now a major threat, not only to Egypt or the immediate region but it is a threat to the stability and security of the whole world,” said President Sisi, adding that “it is not only ISIS threatening Iraq and Syria but there are a lot of other similar terrorist organizations operating under the same umbrella, with same ideologies only with different names.”

The president has recently met with Saudi Arabian and Jordanian kings to discuss a coalition – an alliance of some sort to fight the idea of radicalized religion and terrorism. “If there is an Arab force with the support of the US, we can do a lot and we can face all the challenges that threaten the stability and security of our country” the President explained.

“Egypt is an integral part of the International Coalition against terrorism but we are taking up our responsibility of fighting terrorism in Sinai and to provide security in our Western borders. Egypt has been facing major terrorist threats on the Egyptian soil,” Sisi declared.

While the US military backing has slowed down since the ousting of previous president, Mr. Mohammed Morsi, Sisi stated that “Egypt now needs US help, especially in the military field more than ever and with the framework of the counter-terrorism efforts in Sinai and to defend the land of Egypt against any potential threats.”

“It is very important for the US to understand that our need for the weapons and equipment is dire,” President Sisi declared.

“Especially at a time when the Egyptians feel like they are fighting terrorism and they would like to feel that the US is standing by them in this fight against terrorism

“We have to admit that the region is facing very tough circumstances and the public wants to see a big response from more capable countries – countries that are able to provide assistance,” responded Sisi when asked about his views on the American leadership in the region.

“For example, the suspending of the US equipment and arms was a negative indication to the public opinion – that the US is not standing by the Egyptians.”

Bret Baier questioned the President of the ”military coup” that resulted in the ousting of democratically elected MB member, Mr. Mohammed Morsi back in June 2013 in which the president modestly explained that “it was and has been the well of the Egyptians.”

“We thought that the US would take time to understand what really happened in Egypt but it was and has been the well of the Egyptian people,” the President strongly asserted. “A country of 90 million people could not have been left to be eaten by a civil war.”

President Sisi explained that free and fair elections led Mohammed Morsi coming to power, but that the people had no ability to impeach the President.

“When the Egyptian people wanted to remove this religious leadership from office, the constitution did not give them the right to impeach a president” the President explained.

“Millions of Egyptians took to the streets to voice their protest against the political leadership and asked for early elections in order to solve these issues, the political leadership did not respond positively to the demands and the imminent result was going to be that the country was going into a vicious cycle of civil war between a few supporters and the striking majority of the Egyptians.”

President Sisi’s interview comes ahead of Egypt’s economic conference that is due to be held in Sharm El-Sheikh. US Secretary of State John Kerry will be among more than 80 foreign government representatives attending the event.

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  • Arie Bier

    Why they turn to America now? I thought Russia was such a good friend, to show that the Russians don’t need a visa to come to Egypt. Didn’t they turn to Russia when they needed arms last year?

    • Minymina

      Why have a friend when you can have two?

      • Arie Bier

        Can I ask you if you read any newspapers that are not Egyptian. If you do, then you should know that you can hardly call Russia a friend. Just two names, The Krim and Ukraine.

        • Minymina

          Last I checked, the Russians were not hosting Muslim Brotherhood leaders at the Kremlin. Obama on the other hand, welcomes them with open arms to the White House. We’ve got more reason to hate the US then Russia. Egypt however is looking to make friends not enemies. Theres no reason why Egypt can’t have a relationship with both.

          I suggest you read up on the history of Ukraine and then come to a conclusion instead of following the news.

          • Arie Bier

            I have no reply, believe what you want to believe. I just know that there was a time that Morsi was the legally voted president of Egypt. And I just know that Russian militants in Ukraine supported by the Russian government shot down an airplane and that that costed the life of almost 200 of my fellow countrymen. I am sorry for you that the world is much bigger than just Egypt.

          • 123xxy

            The pro-Russian Ukraine president was also “legally voted”, do you disagree that he was ousted?? noting that he did not do so much harm to Ukraine as Morsi did to Egypt in one year

          • 123xxy

            Don’t be sorry for Egyptians they are doing very well now, rather be sorry for Ukraine and yourself. Your last sentence was really stupid,,,, if the worls is so big why have commented on Egypt then??

          • 123xxy

            Very well said, Arie Bier still believes everything he reads. We should ask him to read about what the majority of the Egyptian population think and not what some opportunistic journalists write which they probably know is wrong but what they get out of it is too good to think about integrity and conscience.

  • Arie Bier

    What can people be picky on just a little mistake, when are you gonna say something positive.

  • Mahmoud

    Will… The will of the people not the well of Egyptians, could you please reread and revise the article?


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