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Women Battle To Report Sexual Harassment in Egypt

April 21, 2015

Amira, 26, commutes to work every day by bus. “Most of the time it is too crowded to sit”, she says. One night she is almost at her stop when a man standing next to her tries to shove his hand down her trousers. “From behind I felt somebody lift up my shirt and put their hand between my belt en my skin,” Amira describes, recalling how she created a big scene and dragged the man to the nearest police station. It’s been more than ten months since Egypt adopted a new law that was supposed to make it easier for women in Egypt to press charges against someone who has sexually harassed them. Unfortunately, in reality, not much has changed. At first the police officers made fun of Amira. “Go home, girl, they told me.” When she insisted on pressing charges they started threatening her. “The officers knew who my father is, where he works and what his boss’ name is. ‘Surely your father wouldn’t like to hear that his daughter is a whore’ one of them said. They stood uncomfortably close to me the whole time and everybody…

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