ISIS Threatens To Kill A Croatian Hostage If Egypt Does Not Meet Its Demands In 48 Hours

ISIS Threatens To Kill A Croatian Hostage If Egypt Does Not Meet Its Demands In 48 Hours


ISIS has threatened to kill a Croatian citizen if its demands to the Egyptian government are not met within 48 hours.

In a video titled “A Message to the Egyptian Government”, which Egyptian Streets has chosen not to publish, the Croatian hostage identifies himself as 31-year-old Tomislav Salopek while a masked man in camouflage uniform stands behind him brandishing a knife.

Tomislav, who is shown kneeling down on the sand with an ISIS flag at full mast behind him, reveals he is married and has two children. In the video, the hostage also confirms earlier reports in Croatian media that he works for the French company CGG, a company that specializes in oil and gas geology.

With the masked man standing firmly behind, Tomislav continues to reveal details of his kidnapping, which he reads off a small white paper.

“Soldiers of the Islamic State in the Caliphate of Wilayat Sinai caught me on Wednesday July 22nd,” says Tomislav as he reads from the paper.

“They want to swap me for Muslim women arrested in Egyptian prisons. This must be achieved before 48 hours from now. If not, the soldiers of the Wilayat Sinai will kill me,” continues Tomislav as the video comes to an end.

Wilayat Sinai is the name currently used by the IS-affiliated Ansar Bait Al-Maqdis, a Sinai-based terrorist organization that has been responsible for dozens of attacks in Egypt since the ouster of former President Mohammed Morsi in July 2013.

The latest video comes two weeks after reports that a Croatian man had been kidnapped in Cairo by armed men.

Citing the Foreign Ministry, Reuters reported that the 31-year-old man, identified only as T.S., was kidnapped on Wednesday morning when his vehicle was stopped by armed men.

“His car was stopped by an armed group who forced the driver to leave the car and then took off in an unknown direction,” stated the Ministry according to Reuters.

Egypt’s authorities have yet to make a statement on the kidnapping. However, sources indicate that Croatia’s Ambassador to Cairo is currently meeting with Egyptian officials.

The warning from ISIS comes one day before Egypt is set to inaugurate its ‘New Suez Canal’ in an event that will see world dignitaries, including French President Francois Hollande, in attendance.

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  • Key

    ISIS = Made in USA

  • supak

    if you kill our citizenship, we will kill 1000 yours, you fucking islamic egyptian pigs

    • Jebate

      You murder our man we will thousands of yours simple.

  • Vanessa Richardson

    ISIS is more of a nationalist movement than a terrorist group (let’s face it governments all around the world use terrorist tactics too unfortunately!) This tactic is very immature and pointless though, we know ISIS will follow through with their threat, that is where their weakness is and they don’t even see it. We know they will kill him, they have been doing it for the last year, it proves nothing other than their unwillingness to use diplomacy to achieve their aims. It’s sadly genuine lost cause for this new hostage because no sensible government will give them what they want. Threatening to kill hostages will not be their long term method as it’s effectiveness is failing.

    • Boll Braker

      I am amazed at how well you can talk out of your ass!

  • Barbara

    How is it even remotely possible, that this ISIS has eluded western military forces?? I mean, seriously….we can find someone via satellite from their LICENSE PLATE, yet we can’t just find these spawns of satan and annihilate them?? Get real.

    • Omar ‘Omz’ Ramzi

      Exactly which obviously means that the west is supporting them. They need them for certain reasons.

      • Key

        You are spot on Omar. It perplexes me how most westerners turn to deaf ears and denial that ISIS comes from their own western countries who have injected that cancer into the middle east.

  • Minymina

    Fuck them!!
    We should execute the women as a response, just like Jordan did when they executed the air force pilot.
    Send these c0cksuckers a message.

  • Medhat Omran

    48 hours? Not even seconds.Egypt will never give them a though in that respect. Soon this Alien Cancer will be eradicated.

  • Peter J Smith

    DO NOT negotiate with terrorists, or, give in to their demands!

    • NJ

      Easy to say when it’s not your husband, father, or son that’s about to be murdered.

      • Adrien Marcel Drea

        I do agree
        but ” jebo isis !”

  • Chicken Soup

    just release the prisoners and tail them until the guy is in safe hands

    • Minymina

      You’re delusional if you think they’ll actually release him.

      • Abbuntuos

        but you aren’t?

        • Minymina

          In what way am I delusional?

    • John Morgan

      Micro-chip them with satellite transponders is better.


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