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Egyptian Teacher Jailed for Bullying Child for ‘Dark Skin’

November 29, 2018
Basmala Ali. Photo credit: Youm 7

Prosecutors in Damietta, the Nile Delta governorate, issued the arrest of the teacher who was accused of bullying his student during class for being dark skinned for four days pending further investigations. Basmala Ali is a student in eight grade at Martyr Jamal Saber Preparatory School. Her Arabic teacher, Samy Deyab, called her “black” during a class exercise when he asked the students to grammatically analyze the sentence ‘Basmala is a black student’.  The young girl instantly started crying. Ali’s mother instantly filed an official complaint to the local education administration about the incident in order to start an administrative investigation and him transferred to another school. According to Ahram online, Deyab is charged with “bullying and deviation from the requirements of job duty.” However, in a TV interview, Deyab dismissed the accusations and instead used the expression “dark-skinned”. He continued to say that he would not dare to degrade the girl for her deep skin color because he himself is dark-skinned. The Teachers Syndicate chapter in Damietta has appointed the teacher a legal representation. The student’s family agreed to waive the criminal case in the case on this morning after a…

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