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These Heroes Saved Burning Victims Caught in Ramsees Station’s Deadly Explosion

February 28, 2019

As footage of the deadly blaze in Ramsees Railway Station circulated social media, people quickly spotted a number of heroes who risked their livss to save those who were caught in the tragic fire. Mohamed Abdelrahman, Mohamed The’ib, and Waleed Mordy are kiosk clerks at Watania Sleeping Trains and Catering Services who were present at the time of the incident. Waleed has been working as a clerk at the railway station for over 17 years. He used to work on the Cairo to Aswan train, but he recently decided to move his kiosk to the platform in Cairo’s Ramsees Railway Station. Waleed pointed out that this was the first time something like this happens in Cairo. In an interview with ON TV, Waleed recalls.”I was standing where I work and I heard a loud sound of an explosion. So I went to have a look, and found that a large fire broke out.” “I saw people who were caught on fire running past me, so of course I stood there for a second in utter shock,” he continued,”So I ran to grab a big bucket of water from my kiosk. We…

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