110,000 COVID-19 Cases Now Officially Recorded in Egypt

110,000 COVID-19 Cases Now Officially Recorded in Egypt

Egypt’s official COVID-19 infection tally crossed 110,000 on Thursday evening, with the Ministry of Health reporting 214 new infections and 12 new deaths.

According to the Ministry of Health statement released on Thursday 12 November, the total recorded COVID-19 cases in Egypt has reached 110,095, with 6,417 deaths. The statement added that the total number of recoveries had reached 100,760.

The daily number of COVID-19 cases, after hovering around the 100-150 mark since August, has been above 200 since 4 November. It is believed that the actual number of infections is much higher than those officially recorded.

The Egyptian government has been preparing for a second wave of the pandemic to hit Egypt, with the Prime Minister warning earlier this month that “new firm decisions” would be taken to combat the second wave of COVID-19 if citizens do not abide with existing health precautions.

Despite these warnings, including a reminder that citizens must wear face masks in public, Egypt has not seen significant change in how its population is responding to the virus. Face masks, while still being worn by government officials at official events, are worn as commonly (or in adherence with appropriate health instructions) by everyday Egyptians. Large weddings, parties and events are also continuing as normal, with a number of Egyptian actors and celebrities contracting the virus at the recent Gouna Film Festival.

The Egyptian government is already in discussions to secure a significant dose of the COVID-19 vaccine once it becomes available. However, the timeline of this remains unclear.

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