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Plant-Based Iftars: 3 Cairo Eateries Offering Vegan Ramadan Classics

April 24, 2021
Image via Sincerely V Facebook page.

Vegan fattah? Is there really a worthy vegan alternative for fattah? With veganism garnering more and more attention as a healthy and nutritious lifestyle choice in recent years, the adoption of this diet has been slowly on the rise in Egypt, as well as the rest of the world. 

Many restaurants and cafes around Cairo now offer various vegan options, and one of Egypt’s first all vegan restaurants, Sincerely V, even opened in Maadi. While many places around Cairo have always offered seyami (vegan) options at various times of the year to cater to the country’s Coptic population that fasts multiple times a year, more and more venues have been quick to adopt various vegan options all year round.

In any case, veganism is now one of the more popular dietary ‘trends’ as more people seek a healthier lifestyle, as well as a way to perhaps live in a more sustainable way for the benefit of the planet. 

That being said, these three Cairo venues—all of which are amongst some of the more popular places to offer nutritious and tasty vegan foods—are catering to the vegans observing Ramadan. Each of these places has found ways to create vegan alternatives to Ramadan classics, such as fattah and konafa without taking too much away from the flavors people know and love. 

Sincerely V


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Sincerely V is one of Cairo’s only 100 percent plant-based restaurants. Their menu is wide, extensive, diverse and completely vegan—from tofu shish tawook to vegan burritos and so much more. This particular Maadi restaurant is known for its innovative take on vegan cuisine, offering everything from Mediterranean and Asian-inspired dishes, to plant-based versions of Egyptian foods as well. 

For Ramadan, they have created an exclusive Ramadan menu that includes everything from vegan chicken fattah (Egyptian dish consisting of pieces of bread and chicken), to bamia (okra stew) and kofta (meatballs). 

As stated on their website, “this menu was created especially for the month of Ramadan to help you stay healthy during fasting; a mix of healthy traditional and none traditional dishes with familiar and unique flavors.”

Full Iftar or Sohour meals (consisting of around six different dishes, including a beverage and dessert) cost around EGP 200 to 250. 

Osana Family Wellness and Cafe


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A post shared by Osana Wholefood Cafe (@osanawholefoodcafe)

Aside from having a small cafe and restaurant, Osana is also a wellness centre that offers various classes and workshops, has a small store with local products and even hosts regular markets featuring local vendors. It is a holistic wellness space in Maadi that encourages and promotes leading a healthy lifestyle—from the nature of the workshops they offer (yoga, acupuncture and more), to the foods offered at their cafe. 

Although not entirely plant-based, Osana offers a wide range of vegan foods on their menu and have even extended their vegan offerings during Ramadan. They have an exclusive all-vegan Iftar package consisting of around six dishes (including a drink and dessert) for around EGP 200. 

What is particularly interesting however, is the fact that they offer a vegan Ramadan dessert favorite: konafa. They have a vegan coconut cream and date konafa with pistachio, which is naturally sweetened with date syrup. 


Ramadan beverages. Image via Lychee Facebook page.

With branches available in various neighborhoods across Cairo, Lychee is a unique restaurant and store that caters to those seeking to lead a healthier lifestyle. Founded in 2012, Lychee started with a “blender and a passion for making healthy a lifestyle,” as stated on their website.

From offering a wide range of smoothies, sandwiches and salads, to producing and selling various juices, smoothies, yoghurts, plant-based dairy products and nut butters, Lychee’s creations are both innovative and delicious and the brand has a wide variety of vegan products. 

For Ramadan, they offer a range of the holy month’ specials, which mainly consist of various favorite Ramadan beverages, such as karkadeh (hibiscus), doom and qamar eldin (stewed apricot juice). What is particularly special however, is the fact that they offer a vegan take on sobya (a famous Ramadan drink made of coconut and milk). The prices of their drinks range from EGP 20 to EGP 65. 

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