5 of the Best Coffee Places in Cairo

5 of the Best Coffee Places in Cairo

Photo credit: Mohamed Khairat

Every coffee lover knows the struggle of scouting for that perfect cup of coffee that’s both rich in flavor and not too bitter. Ask the coffee expert in your life (everyone’s got one) about their ideal cup of coffee and they’ll go on a monologue about brewing techniques, coffee machines, and coffee brands – it really is a very special type of science.

If you’re on the hunt for your next caffeine fix, consider passing by these tried-and-tested coffee spots!

1. Osana Family Wellness
Located in Maadi, Osana isn’t just known for yoga and wellness classes; its sunny café is perfect for getting work done with a great cup of coffee. Even if you prefer your coffee black, try their non-dairy milk alternatives for a creamy and unique taste.

Price Range: EGP 30-60
Recommended: Flat White (with almond milk)

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2. Seven Fortunes
Residents of Sheikh Zayed and 6th of October (and the North Coast!) don’t need to miss out on the caffeine-infused fun. Not only does Seven Fortunes offer freshly-brewed coffee, it also offers instant filter coffee pouches so you can take the experience home.

Price Range: EGP 40-60
Recommended: Spanish Latte

Photo credit: Seven Fortunes

3. Café Greco
Characterized by its homey atmosphere and friendly staff, Greco has been a Maadi landmark for over two decades now. Their Columbian blend is a crowd favorite, but it’s best to make use of the helpful baristas who are always ready to provide their own recommendations.

Price Range: EGP 30-50
Recommended: Columbian Americano

Photo Credit: Cafe Greco

4. AttiBassi
With branches in four different shopping malls, AttiBassi is the perfect place for shoppers to rest up while they strategize for their next bargain. Their menu is designed to satisfy every type of coffee lover, from the no-nonsense Espresso Lungo to the fun-loving Toffee Nut Latte.

Price Range: EGP 30-55
Recommended: Espresso Macchiato

Photo credit: Attibassi

5. 30 North
Located in Sheikh Zayed, New Cairo, and Zamalek, 30 North offers a vast variety of blends and caffeinated drinks, so whether you prefer your coffee hot or iced, blended or single origin, or black or with milk, you’ll always find something new to try. It also has locations in Sokhna and the North Coast for when you’re craving a beachside caffeine fix.

Price Range: EGP 40-60
Recommended: Irish Hazelnut Latte

Photo credit: 30 North

Bonus Recommendation:
6. Second Cup
Second Cup gets bonus points for its array of creative flavors, like the Pistachio Latte and the Green Tea Latte. Its branches are spread across Cairo and Giza in Sheikh Zayed, New Cairo, and Heliopolis, so you’re bound to stumble upon it when you’re out and about.

Price Range: EGP 45-60
Recommended: Vanilla Bean Latte

Photo credit: Foursquare

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