Get Caffeinated: 5 Places to Buy Coffee Beans in Egypt

Get Caffeinated: 5 Places to Buy Coffee Beans in Egypt

Photo credit: Cairo Coffee Collective

True coffee enthusiasts know the pleasure of preparing the perfect cup of coffee at home. Not only can you adjust the flavor and intensity based on your preferences; making coffee at home is cheaper and coffee grounds can be repurposed for other uses.

Whether you prefer the hands-on approach of the moka pot or the intense flavor of the French press, try these artisanal coffee beans and you won’t be disappointed.

Cairo Coffee Collective

Photo credit: Cairo Coffee Collective

Recently featured on CNN, Cairo Coffee Collective offers an array of different types of coffee from Colombia, Costa Rica, and Indonesia, with each type boasting different flavors based on your preference. They also offer a monthly subscription package that’s perfect for guaranteeing that your stock never runs out.

Price range per 250 gm: EGP 300
Recommended: The Alchemist – Natural Colombia


Photo credit: Fyngan

Fyngan is a new gem that’s growing in popularity due to its diverse offerings. It delivers coffee beans ‘seed to door’ from Nicaragua, Uganda, and Honduras. The website even includes a coffee quiz to help you choose the perfect blend based on your preference.

Price range per 250 gm: EGP 130-160
Recommended: Honduras

Dancing Bean Espresso

Photo credit: Dancing Bean Espresso

Originally established in Australia, Dancing Bean Espresso captured the hearts of many due to its presence in several Cairo cafes, such as Sea Salt Bakery and Osana Family Wellness. With beans from Guatemala, Kenya, Ethiopia, and beyond, their coffee collection is guaranteed to please even the pickiest of coffee enthusiasts.

Price range per 250 gm: EGP 144-181
Recommended: Morning Star Blend

Seven Fortunes

Photo credit: Seven Fortunes

Famous for their Spanish Iced Latte, Seven Fortunes allows customers to replicate their coffee experience at home through a large variety of coffee blends from Brazil, Burundi, Peru, and more. Their instant filter coffee is also an ideal solution for individuals who don’t own a coffee machine.

Price range per 200 gm: EGP 188-239
Recommended: Instant Filter Coffee

Brown Nose Coffee

Photo credit: Brown Nose Coffee

A coffee roaster based in Giza, Brown Nose Coffee sells a variety of unique coffee blends from across the globe, including El Salvador, Colombia, and Burundi. Like Cairo Coffee Collective, they also offer a bi-weekly and monthly subscription for busy individuals who might forget to order their coffee stock.

Price range per 250 gm: EGP 150-235
Recommended: Costa Rica

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