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No Matter Where: Buying A House on TMG’s Sales Platform

No Matter Where: Buying A House on TMG’s Sales Platform

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Over the course of several decades, the Talaat Moustafa Group (TMG) has assembled its own ecosystem within Egypt’s augmenting real estate market. From grand successes such as Madinaty, to the up-and-coming promises of Noor City’s smart lifestyle, TMG has been at the forefront of urban innovation for well over fifty years. This vision has not been hindered by recent developments, and with the onset of new norms and environments, TMG has sought to introduce domestic real estate markets to new frontiers: e-commerce.

TMG has launched a contemporary sales platform, using the latest in 21st-century technology to allow users to not only experience their future homes, but to reserve and purchase them on the spot. No longer is it necessary to commute to a sales office, or squint into incomprehensible architectural miniatures; TMG offers an intuitive, internationally-accessible e-commerce experience which seeks to reintroduce the Cairene lifestyle in its best form – to tech-savvy locals, as well as adventurers abroad.

With a streamlined interface, the TMG sales platform enables users to filter properties by unit type (apartment, villa), model, and the number of bedrooms and bathrooms within them. Intuitive and informative, the platform allows for the download of property brochures, translating abstract concepts into tangible realities with 3D-rendering and hyper-accurate floor plan blueprints.

Golf Club House
c. TMG | Madinaty

Famed projects such as Celia (New Capital) and the soon-to-be nexus of technology, Noor City (Capital Gardens), are available to view on the platform. TMG’s past real estate successes are also available, and as new units are being built and refined, the versatility of e-commerce affords an up-to-date and effortless exploration process.

One of a kind, and very much a novelty in this market, the website also integrates full-scale project blueprints and personalized customer service. Real estate agents engage with inquiries in real-time, offering private consultations through live chat and follow-up calls to ensure all questions and concerns are not only addressed, but soothed entirely. The time-wasting headache of a landline phone call is put to rest via prompt and seasoned staff, who are always available when needed.

TMG has responded with vigor to a gap in the market, in the wake of lockdowns and a new need to embrace digital. Talks of the “new normal” and restricted travel have helped e-commerce bloom into a self-sustaining economy, and it’s no surprise that TMG is the first in Egypt to capitalize on it; with a track record of continuous innovation and smart-city implementation, TMG continues to carry local real estate into modernity with finesse and enduring style.

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