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An Egyptian Nutritionist’s Tips on Staying Healthy This Winter

November 8, 2021
Photo: Egginfo.co.uk

It can be difficult to decide to eat healthy food when the weather is cold and the prospect of a hot plate of fries trumps the idea of a cold salad. This could be the reason why a common complaint people have during the winter is overeating and excessive weight gain. To better understand ways to stay healthy during the winter months, Egyptian Streets spoke to Zahwa Farouk, a registered associate nutritionist who studied nutrition at the University of Nottingham in the United Kingdom. Farouk specializes in weight management, sports and activity, and cookery skills. What are the most common deficiencies and nutritional issues that people experience during the winter months? We all miss the sun during the winter, especially because of the longer nights and shorter days. With this comes seasonal depression and some nutrient deficiencies like vitamin D. These two factors are actually more connected than you’d think they are. Important nutrients to combat all these issues are vitamin D, calcium, and omega 3. To boost your vitamin D levels, it’s important to get as much sun exposure as you can (while wearing sunblock), and eat foods rich…

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