UNRWA’s First Egyptian Digital Fundraising Campaign Gathers Funds for Gaza

UNRWA’s First Egyptian Digital Fundraising Campaign Gathers Funds for Gaza

Photo courtesy of UNRWA.

With only a few days left of Ramadan, one can give back to Palestinian refugees in an effort to enhance their health and well-being.

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) has launched a digital fundraising campaign, the first of its kind in Egypt, with the aim of supporting thousands of Palestinian refugee families without sufficient food to break their fast since the beginning of Ramadan.

According to the Chief Representative Office of UNRWA Egypt, Sahar Al-Jobury, the organisation is running “multiple zakat and sadaqah campaigns to provide food and cash assistance for Palestine refugees in its 5 fields of operations, with a special focus on Gaza and Lebanon.” This includes a “Share an Iftar” initiative where anyone can start a fundraiser and invite their loved ones to donate in support of Palestine refugees this Ramadan.

Recently, the UNRWA has been facing mounting financial pressures with severe underfunding from donors and the private sector. These digital fundraising campaigns help enhance the quality of services provided to alleviate the hardship faced by Palestinian refugees.

“Digital fundraising is an effective method of resource mobilisation for UNRWA, with an excellent return on investment and a positive trend of growth year by year, especially in certain circumstances such as emergencies and celebrations such as the current Ramadan campaign,” says Al-Jobury to Egyptian Streets.

Photo courtesy of UNRWA.

Remember with as little as EGP 20, one person can contribute immensely to saving the lives of Palestine refugees and help in reducing their hardships.

UNRWA was established 73 years ago in response to the Israel-Palestine conflict as a means of providing humanitarian assistance to those who lost their homes and livelihoods. It was first envisioned as a temporary agency until a lasting political solution can be found that includes an end to the plight of the refugees.

However, UNRWA has shown a great degree of adaptation and versatility in response to the worsening situation on the ground, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, on-going occupation, and a burgeoning global financial strife sparked by the Ukrainian crisis.

“The Ukraine crisis is already casting its shadow on the already constrained global economic situation. One major cause of concern is the rising prices of goods, food, [and] fuel but also the shifting attention of some donors and delayed disbursements of others,” says Al-Jobury.

UNRWA now provides 5.7 million Palestinian refugees with healthcare, education and safety net services with operations in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Gaza, and West Bank including East Jerusalem.

In accordance with UNRWA’s commitment towards providing quality educational services, and to help with livelihood opportunities for the Palestine refugees, Al-Jobury has confirmed the relaunch of the UNRWA Information Technology Service Centre (ITSC) in Gaza.

“The ITSC provides cutting-edge technology services and solutions across UNRWA’s five fields of operations, therefore, creating a huge opportunity for the youth in Gaza. It has become the largest IT employer in Gaza” explains Al-Jobury.

According to Al Jobury, Egypt has provided unwavering political support for UNRWA since its inception and is one of the agency’s founding members.

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El Sisi has confirmed willingness and readiness to support UNRWA projects in a recent meeting with UNRWA Commissioner-General Philippe Lazzarini in Cairo.

Moreover, Egypt has been increasingly keen on improving the living conditions of Palestinian refugees, especially in the Gaza strip. In May 2021, Egypt allocated USD 500 million (EGP 9.2 billion) to reconstruct the Gaza strip following the ceasefire between the Israeli and Palestinian authorities.

Aid the UNRWA in responding to the plight of Palestinian refugee this Ramadan, please click here to donate.

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