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In Photos: An Affordable Summer Getaway at the Heart of Fayoum

August 2, 2022
Photo via Sahl Abdelrahman

While many travel to the North Coast and El Gouna to enjoy the luxurious beaches and relaxing resorts, others fish around for affordable locations on the water with no gates or entrance fees, to give their children a chance to enjoy splashing around during summer. “People looking for an affordable masyaf (summer getaway) were shocked after hearing that some beaches demanded an entrance fee of EGP 70 (USD 3.7). Most of the beaches at Qarun lake have an entrance fee that’s less than EGP 10 (USD 0.5),” Egyptian street documentary photographer Sahl Abdelrahman tells Egyptian Streets. “We have people coming over from other governorates, such as Beni Suef and Giza, to enjoy the beach here instead of heading to Alexandria, which would be a long way for them and may cost them more.” Abdelrahman was brought up in Fayoum. Through his lens, Abdelrahman chooses to focus on the community he grew up a part of, to tell the world more about them and shed light on their experiences. Abdelrahman recently posted a series of photos of families enjoying their time in Qarun Lake, located 20 kilometers north of Fayoum. Dressed…

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