Walkable Cairo: Where to Take Your Mental and Physical Health for a Stroll

Walkable Cairo: Where to Take Your Mental and Physical Health for a Stroll

Maadi, Degla | Photo Credit: Farah Rafik

Cairo stands as a city with traffic choked streets, but if you know where to look, there are places for leisurely strolling and energetic striding, for those who have a hungry heart to roam.

Walkable cities are known for giving a boost to their citizens’ mental and physical well-being. Besides the physical health benefits, studies have proven that walking is integral to mental health and can increase creative output by almosy 60 percent.

However, Egypt’s urban expansion and satellite cities, such as the New Cairo and Sheik Zayed, have left its inhabitants highly car-reliant. Despite that, there still are areas in Cairo that are deemed a ‘walker’s paradise’ amidst the city’s hustle and bustle. From Nile views to trees with large limbs and branches that cascade down to its roots, here is a list of treks in Cairo for physical and mental health strolls.

Downtown Cairo

Davis Bryan Building in Downtown Cairo. Photo Credit: Mohamed Reyad | Egyptian Streets
Talaat Harb Street | Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Known to Egyptians as Wust El-Balad, downtown Cairo is unmatched, often described as “the heart of the country.” It is definitely a crowded, bustling area of Cairo, and driving there is usually arduous because of the non-stop traffic and limited parking spots. Luckily, every corner is plastered with heritage and history, so it is an ideal place to go for a stroll. On a Wust El-Balad walk, Talaat Harb street is the perfect place to go; Cafe Riche and L’Orientaliste bookstore are not to be missed on a downtown Cairo stroll.

Honorable Mention: Qasr Al-Nile Bridge

Qasr El Nile Bridge | Photo Credit: KGB777 via Trip Advisor

For those who have the endurance to go on long walks, sauntering down Qasr Al-Nile bridge is a treasured Egyptian experience. Connecting downtown Cairo to Zamalek, the bridge is a hotspot for walks and low-cost dates in Cairo, where couples are spotted overlooking the mesmerizing Nile.


Zamalek | Photo Credit: Farah Rafik


Undeniably one of the most beautiful places in Cairo, the Zamalek neighborhood is an ideal place for walks. Its mesmerizing European-style architecture and green trees always let out the perfect breeze for long strolls. In Zamalek, you can enjoy a walk along the river (corniche) on Abu El Feda Street. The district also contains several small coffee shops to curb thirst and hunger on long walks. However, strolling through Zamalek’s cobblestone streets has been evidently marred by the construction of the underground metro and so the walking experience in zamalek is to a large degree zigzagged.


Maadi | Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Maadi is also a walkable area in Cairo. It has a similar environment to Zamalek, and it is very easy to spot people going on strolls or walking their dogs in Maadi. Degla, Sarayat El-Maadi, and Maadi Corniche are the best areas in Maadi: a guarantee for a day well spent.

Mamsha Ahl Misr

Photo Credit: Facebook | Egyptian Streets
Photo Credit: Facebook | Egyptian Streets

Mamsha Ahl Misr, the new ​​two-level promenade along the Nile Corniche, is Cairo’s newest addition to places for strolls and walks. In addition to it being an attractive landmark, with an irresistible view and activities, the pedestrians’ walkway, which for 4.7km along the corniche brings the best of both worlds for those who wish to stroll.

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