FIFA-Fever: Sling Arabic TV’s Hot Offers on the World Cup and Shahid VIP

FIFA-Fever: Sling Arabic TV’s Hot Offers on the World Cup and Shahid VIP

Photo credit: Sling Arabic TV

World Cup season is upon us and Sling Arabic TV might just have the perfect subscriptions for soccer fans. For USD 30 – the lowest price in the market – US-based fans of the beautiful game can get in on the FIFA-fever and more.

With Sling Blue, viewers have access to a number of US channels including FOX and FS1, which host the World Cup games. But that’s not all. Sling is offering two unique bundles, both including Sling Blue, providing viewers with a plethora of channels and on-demand libraries filled with top Arabic media.

The first bundle, which costs USD 30.49 for the first month instead of USD 50.49, combines Sling Blue with Shahid VIP, one of the biggest sources of on-demand Arabic media. Shahid VIP offers viewers hits such as Salon Zahra, Al Nazwa, Room 207, Farid, and Stiletto.

The second bundle, which costs USD 30 for the first month instead of USD 55, hosts Sling Blue along with Ala Keifak, which includes Arabic channels such as MBC drama, MTV, Al Jadeed, LBCI, BeIN Sports, ON, DMC, Al Jazeera, Al Arabia and more than 85 others.

Regardless of the offer they choose, subscribers will not have to commit to a long-term contract, and they can cancel any time. With whichever offer, Sling Arabic TV subscribers will have access to top sports, television, and films to browse through their heart’s content.

What is Sling?

With Sling Arabic TV, Arab shows and programs can now be enjoyed through their premium live television channels and the largest Arabic on-demand libraries in the world, which includes Shahid VIP, MySatGo and Istikana.

The Al Ostoura package from Sling has everything included and will provide Arab consumers the ultimate Arab series, movies, news, and TV entertainment experience in the US. Arab Sling users can also now watch Shahid VIP’s library through the Sling app.

If you’re looking for the ultimate Arabic TV experience, start watching Sling Arabic TV‘s most popular offering for just USD 5!

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