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How Can Egyptians Stay Away From Holiday Blues: A Therapist’s Advice

December 6, 2022

As the holiday season fast approaches, excitement builds for the Christmas decorations, the parties and gatherings, and the cozy winter nights. But while some enjoy the season, others see it as a time of intense pressure and stress. Whether in Egypt or abroad, many are triggered by the holiday season, and begin to suffer feelings of anxiety or depression, making it an overwhelming period for them. Egyptian Streets reached out to Khaled Salaheldin, an Egyptian counseling psychologist, about identifying symptoms of holiday blues, tips on avoiding them, and whether they are common among Egyptians. Salaheldin is a counseling psychologist at Serenity Psychology Center, Nūn Center, and O7 Therapy. In addition to his Cairo-based work, he also works online with clients living abroad. What are holiday blues and seasonal depression? Are they different from each other? Holiday blues and seasonal depression, also known as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), are two sides of the same coin. The distinction here is the level of intensity and the duration that it persists in the person’s experience. It is also important to mention that holiday blues are a short-term and temporary experience (usually anxiety and…

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