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National Museum of Egyptian Civilization to Establish Audio Tour Guide System

April 12, 2023
The museum’s outdoor area Photo via NMEC

The use of audio guides at the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization (NMEC) – a novelty in Egypt’s museums – was approved during a board meeting held on Tuesday, 12 April at the museum’s headquarters in Fustat.

The audio-guided tours will be implemented in the Royal Mummies Hall at the NMEC. Currently, due to the narrow space, traditional tour guides are discouraged within the hall for the preservation of the mummies. The new format for tours circumvents the issues that might arise from too much traffic in the hall, with the presence of conventional guided tours.

The launch for the new format of these gallery tours will be announced in the coming month.

During the board meeting, Managing Executive Director of the NMEC, Ahmed Ghoneim discussed several key points including an overview of the events that have taken place in the museum over the past few months.

After the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir, the Royal Mummies Hall at the NMEC, is home to 20 mummies from the 17th to 20th dynasties with Hatshepsut, a ruling queen from the 18th dynasty — along with various Ramesside rulers — being the most famous among them.

Considered one of the main attractions at the museum, the Royal Mummies Hall is set up with specific equipment maintaining temperature and humidity levels in order to conserve the mummies.

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