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Cairo Building Collapse Kills Four, Injures Five

September 6, 2023
Image Credit: X/@elnono_hany

A tragic building collapse occurred in Cairo’s Hadaeq Al-Qubbah district on 6 September, claiming the lives of four individuals and injuring five others.

All victims were members of the same family, as confirmed by a source from Cairo’s Civil Protection Forces who spoke to Ahram Online.

Ahram Online also confirmed that an investigation by Egypt’s Public Prosecution is underway.

A neighbour living in an apartment across the building shared with Asharq News that the family in the collapsed building were renovating the structure.

“We saw that the father [who owns the building] was renovating the ground floor for one of his sons, and that construction workers were chipping away at essential structures. Several people in the street tried to warn him but he was confident that he was aware of any potential risks,” reported the witness.

The building collapsed around dawn, shocking neighbours and nearby residents of the district.

Egypt’s Ministry of Social Solidarity announced through a Facebook post that EGP 60,000 (USD 1,941) was allocated immediately to the families of each of the deceased. Any medical costs and property damage costs will also be assessed by the ministry to provide financial aid.

Dedicated rescue teams remain on-site to search for any potential survivors trapped beneath the rubble.

This event in Hadaeq Al-Qubbah comes on the heels of another building collapse in the same district in July, which resulted in the loss of 13 lives.

A month earlier, in June, a 13-storey building in Alexandria’s Montazah district also caved-in, causing 10 deaths and four injuries.

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