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13-Story Building Collapses in Alexandria’s El Montazah District

June 26, 2023
Photo Credit: A still from the live video posted by the Alexandria Governorate Official Facebook page

A 13-story building collapsed on Monday, 26 June, causing considerable damage in Alexandria’s El Montazah district. Emergency response teams are searching the wreckage for survivors.

Four people were injured when passing by the building as it fell over them; they have been sent to nearby hospitals, according to the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health and Population, Amira Tahio.

Victims have only sustained mild to moderate injuries thus far, and the number of casualties remains unknown.

12 ambulances arrived at the scene, and hospitals in the area have been issued a notice by the Ministry of Health and Population to prepare for the arrival of the injured, as the search for more victims continues.

The identity of the building’s residents, at the time of the collapse, remains unclear as it was being rented out to holidaymakers for the summer season. Shoppers at a small supermarket at the bottom of the building may also be trapped, according to Alarabiya News.

General Prosecutor Hamada El-Sawy ordered an investigation into the building’s collapse and a prosecution team is inspecting the site.

Governor of Alexandria Mohamed al-Sharif confirmed that the site has been secured and sectioned off as response teams manage the incident.

With the exception of a few cars crushed in the collapse, there was no significant damage to nearby properties.

This is not the first time a building collapses in Egypt. Following similar incidents in Sohag in 2016, Alexandria in 2018 and 2020, as well as Cairo in 2021, this collapse is but one of many across the country.

Many buildings are at risk in Egypt either due to their age or because of improper enforcement of construction standards.

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