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Unveiling Egypt’s Top Google Searches in 2023

December 14, 2023

2023 was an eventful year for many Egyptians. With its ups and downs, it is finally coming to an end. Before saying goodbye to the year, Google released data about the top trending searches in Egypt in 2023.

Between news, TV shows, and prominent figures, the trending searches reflect what the Egyptian population focused on in this action-packed year.

In Egypt, Palestinian news came first, followed by the unpopular devaluation of the Egyptian pound, and the earthquake that took place earlier this year.

The Egyptian pound has lost more than 50 percent of its value against the US dollar compared to January 2022. The Egyptian pound currently stands at almost 50 pounds to the US dollar on the black market compared to the official rate of 31 pounds.

Since the outbreak of the war on Gaza, Egypt’s top five trending searches on Google were the Palestinian flag, Sinai, ‘Al Quds is the capital of Palestine’, the Rafah border, and the map of Palestine.

In the news category, the most searched was the Palestine and Israel war, the devaluation of the Egyptian pound, the earthquake in Egypt, the earthquake in Turkey, and the earthquake in Morocco.

The most searched for personalities in Egypt were footballer Emam Ashour, actress Jory Bakr, comedian Bassem Youssef, spokesperson of Hamas’ military wing Abo Obaida, and political opposition figure Ahmed Tantawy.

Tantawy, a former MP and former head of the leftist Karama (Dignity) Party, who announced running for the Egyptian presidential elections, ended his campaign for the 2023 presidential elections, after securing only around 14,000 endorsements – less than the 25,000 required to run.

As for the series and TV shows, the top trending series in Egypt in 2023 was Ga’afar Al Omda, starring Mohamed Ramadan, followed by Al Aghar, Balto, Safah Al Giza, and Baba Al Magal.

Despite its recent occurrence, the war on Gaza topped Egyptian Google searches this year.

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