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Israeli Bombing Intensifies in Rafah, Death Toll Rises in Gaza

February 4, 2024

The Israeli army has escalated its bombing campaign in the city of Rafah, resulting in the deaths of at least 92 Palestinians, including two children, as the war on Gaza enters its 121st day. 

Overnight airstrikes and artillery shelling led to the tragic loss of life, with a kindergarten, serving as a shelter for displaced people, also being bombed. Reports suggest that two young girls were among the casualties in the attack that took place at dawn on Sunday 4 February. 

Mourning families gathered outside a local hospital to pray for the dead, as the city witnessed another night of destruction and loss. Residents shared heart-wrenching stories of the tragedy to The Peninsula, with one father recounting the moment when his children were buried beneath the rubble. 

Ahmad Bassam al-Jamal tearfully stated, “The children were just sleeping and suddenly the bombardment happened. The bedroom fell on my children. God took one of my children and three escaped death. My child now is a martyr in heaven.”

The situation in Rafah, where two-thirds of Gaza’s population has sought refuge, has deteriorated drastically. Israeli drones and fighter jets continue to hover overhead, contributing to the sense of fear and insecurity among the population. 

The escalating attacks on the Al-Salam neighborhood in Rafah have also raised concerns about a potential Israeli ground incursion. Hundreds of thousands of displaced Palestinians from other parts of Gaza have sought refuge in overcrowded makeshift shelters and encampments, heightening the urgency of the humanitarian crisis.

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