German Parliament Cancels Invitation to Sisi Citing ‘Human Rights Abuses’

German Parliament Cancels Invitation to Sisi Citing ‘Human Rights Abuses’

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi addresses the 69th Session of the General Assembly in 2014.
Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi addresses the 69th Session of the General Assembly in 2014.

Egypt’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has played down the significance of Germany’s Parliament cancelling an invitation to Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, stating that Egypt had never requested a meeting with the President of the Parliament.

According to AFP and Der Spiegel, Norbert Lammert sent a letter to Egypt’s Ambassador to Berlin, His Excellency Mohamed Hegazy, in which he cancelled a planned meeting with President Sisi due to human rights abuses and the lack of parliamentary elections, as had been promised by the June 30 roadmap.

Citing Der Spiegel, independent English-language Egyptian newspaper Mada Masr reported that Lammert, who had planned to meet with Sisi in June, condemned the recent death sentences in Egypt, particularly against Egypt’s former head of Parliament.

“Instead of holding the long-awaited parliamentary elections, we have been witnessing months of systematic prosecution of opposition groups, mass arrests, convictions to lengthy prison terms and issuing a shocking number of death sentences, including against former head of the Egyptian Parliament Saad al-Katatny,” said Lammert, according to Mada Masr.

Egypt's deposed President Mohammed Morsi met with Chancellor Merkel during a visit to Berlin in 2013.
Egypt’s deposed President Mohammed Morsi met with Chancellor Merkel during a visit to Berlin in 2013.

Despite Lammert’s comments, Egypt’s Foreign Ministry denied that Egypt had asked for a meeting with the German Parliament, adding that it was the German side that had scheduled a meeting.

“The Egyptian side did not ask for nor look forward to a meeting between the two officials,” said Ambassador Hegazy, reported state-media Al-Ahram.

Egypt’s Presidency confirmed that Egypt had never asked to meet with the German Parliament and that Sisi’s schedule has not yet been announced, according to state-media Al-Ahram.

Germany’s Foreign Ministry has not confirmed whether it had invited Sisi to meet the Parliament’s President nor has it confirmed whether Chancellor Angela Merkel will alter her planned meeting with the Egyptian President.

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  • Human Right abuse is card used by politicians only when needed. Other wise why do they still keep good relations with Saudi Arabia in spite of the same kind of HR abuses they are practicing. The same thing applies to Ardoghan after his last police suppression to opponants revolting against him in the streets

  • twinkle

    Your loss Germany! I Hope Sisi will cancel the trip too. It would be just a waste of our precious time

    . Germany if you love the U.S. bully so much go ahead let them continue spy on you and bully and run all over your interest with no regard to your interest just like they always did

    U.S. still has military bases in Germany and Germany when will stand up against this abuse??.

    • Ramez Magdy

      sisi will end up like ghaddafi or hitler… his end is very soon.

  • twinkle

    Hypocrites yet you meet with the warmongering terrorist supporting U.S. government! Still Obama failed to shut down Guantanamo and the U.S. is responsible for most of the wars that are happening
    The West should be concerned about the fact that the U.S., Hamas, Al Qaeda and Daeesh, Turkey, Qatar are all backing the Muslim Brotherhood terrorists .

    Why doesn’t the West pressure the terrorists to stop torching our churches and murdering our civilians, policemen, soldiers and judges instead of criticizing Egypt for cracking donw on these criminals?.

    Sisi is a great president but the last thing the U.S. warmongers want is for our countries to florish and the job of the POTUS is to keep the arms industry in business

    Syria, Libya, Palestine do I need to go on? Those who are accusing Egypt of human rights violation are either blind, or are lying for political purposes or they are corrupt and are making millions and millions for repeating lies like the various media outlets. this smear campaign looks like it is financed by U.S. puppet states like oil rich qatar and by Turkey who is dreaming of an Ottoman Empire like state . Just as Goebbels said if you repeat a big lie long enough it becomes a truth or something along this line. If anyone thinks we should give the U.S. puppet and terrorists called the Muslim Brotherhood a pat on the back think again. Besides every country has its laws its no country should intefere in the system of another country..

  • Fischer Andreas

    Well done! Dictators should not be invited!

    • twinkle

      He isn’t a dictator. Sisi is very popular here.

    • Bahi Hussein

      He isn’t a dictator 😀

      • Other Mona

        Hitler was democratically elected. Doesn’t mean he wasn’t a dictator.

        • Sina

          Hitler was never elected no

          • Other Mona

            Care to elaborate? Do you mean the election of 1933, after which his NSDAP came to power, or his failed coup d’etat in 1923?

    • Menna Agha

      He is a dictator, with some self-enslaved opportunists and poor misled Egyptians as his fans…

  • Commander_Chico

    Juan Cole said it – Egypt is going to end up like North Korea, isolated.

    • Kilamanshankone

      LOOL – far from it mate

    • We (The Egyptians) are already there, even before N. Korea. “People deserve their rulers” i.e. ignorant people deserve their dictators. We (The Egyptians) are VERY ignorant. Just read the comments posted by the pro-Sisi.


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