The Ultimate Egypt Online Therapy Guide

The Ultimate Egypt Online Therapy Guide

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In trying times such as the ones that the world is going through today, it is important to maintain mental health and stability and to take care of oneself. An important way of doing that is maintaining therapy that one was already going to or starting it if they feel compelled to. However, with many still choosing to maintain social distancing and avoid human interaction for health purposes as the COVID-19 infections Surpass 100,000 in Egypt, most still cannot see their therapist in person.

Egyptian Streets has compiled the ultimate online therapy guide of therapists and counseling centers within Egypt, with costs per session and their specialties as well as how to book an appointment.


Center: El Nadim Center For Management & Rehabilitation

Cost: Free

How to Book: Message their Facebook page

Specialties: Victims of violence or trauma survivors such as torture, state violence, and all forms of violence against women.


Center: Shams Psychology Center

Cost: 200 to 300 EGP range

How to Book: Call 01204848955.

Specialties: Addiction treatment, general and family disorders.


Center: Dr. David George Psychiatriy Clinic (واحة حياة)

Cost: 220 to 250 EGP Range

How to Book: Call 01112387123. Payment is transferred via mobile wallets.

Specialties: Addiction treatment.


Center: Harmony Psychiatry Clinic

Cost: 300 EGP

How to Book: Call 01227886962.

Specialties: Group therapy, psychotherapy, psychiatric examination.


Center: Good Hope Psychiatry Clinic

Cost: 300 to 400 EGP Range

How to Book: Call 01272535452 or 01274422348.

Specialties: Rehabilitation of psychotic disorders, depression and anxiety, sexual therapy and marital counseling, addiction treatment and eating disorders.


Center: The Behman Hospital

Cost: 350 to 500 EGP Range

How to Book: Call (202) 28166610 -12-14, 16984 or email [email protected]

Specialties: Drug addiction, Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (mental health assistance facilitated by an equine specialist and horses), learning disabilities, addiction and art therapy.


Center: Heal Counseling Center

Cost: 400 EGP

How to Book: Call 0127 6020193 every day from 3 pm to 8 pm except on Fridays.

Specialties: Individual and couples therapy through psychotherapy and corporate training as well as depression, anxiety, identity issues, group therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy and substance misuse.


Center: The Wellness Hub

Cost: 500 to 650 EGP Range

How to Book: Call 01019666330 or Message their Facebook page. Payment can be done by Bank Transfer, Drop off or Paypal

Specialties: Psychotherapy sessions using talk therapy as well as art therapy.


Center: Malachite Institute for Behavioral Health

Cost: 500 to 600 EGP Range

How to Book: Call or Whatsapp 0101 6324534.

Specialties: Individual, couples, family and group therapy for most major disorders.


Center: O7 Therapy

Cost: 500 to 850 EGP range

How to Book: Visit their website.

Specialties: Child, adolescent, family, counseling and clinical psychology, LGBTIQ+ support, addiction, and art psychotherapy.


Center: Nūn Center

Cost: 570 EGP

How to Book: Call 01223980898 or message their Facebook page.

Specialties: Psychotherapy.


Center: Exist Counselling

Cost: 600 EGP

How to Book: Call 01062771515

Specialties: Specialists for children, youths and adults.


Center: Gestalt Mental Health Professionals

Cost: 600 to 800 EGP range

How to Book: Message their Facebook page.

Specialties: Adult, child, adolescent, women, couple and parental counseling.


Center: Osana Family Wellness

Cost: 750 EGP per session or 3000 EGP for five

How to Book: Message their Facebook page.

Specialties: Life coaching for achieving life goals.


Center: Psychealth Services & Training

Cost: Rates vary between therapists

How to Book: Contact their Whatsapp at +20 127 8529814

Specialties: Counseling for adults, children, and adolescents including addiction, family and couples therapy.


Center: Maadi Psychology Center

Cost: Rates vary between therapists

How to Book: Call +201207778403 or email [email protected]

Specialties: Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Psychoanalytic Therapy, Family Therapy, Marriage Counseling, Couples Counseling, Addiction Counseling, Trauma Counseling, Grief Counseling, Psycho-educational assessments, Cognitive assessments, ADHD Assessment and Management ,Autism Spectrum Disorder Assessment.


Center: Effective Learning Foundation (E.L.F.)

Cost: Rates vary between therapists

How to Book: Call 01110203045.

Specialties: Speech and Language Therapy


If you have additions, corrections or recommendations to this list, please contact us at [email protected] or message us on our Facebook page.

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